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    Leadership Journeys in IT and Business Change


Welcome to Leaders Path, regular broadcasts sharing leadership journeys within the IT and business change professions. We also produce short but impactful advice videos focusing on recruitment and how to gain the best job.

At Middletons Assured Talent we spend our days helping companies recruit the best leadership talent as well as supporting IT and business change professionals on their career journeys. We are excited about sharing this content as part of our focus on helping people meet their true potential.

A Quick Guide On How To Use Google For Jobs

Google for Jobs is a new tool launched by Google that allows both passive and active job seekers to explore jobs from third party sites like LinkedIn and Monster all combined within one Google Search.

You can watch our video below to look around the Google for Jobs platform… OR keep scrolling to get a step to step guide of how to manoeuvre your way around the platform and get the most out of Google for Jobs

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How You Can Hire The Best IT Contractors, Still Not Sure? Use Our Free Interview Template.

You have identified that you need an IT contractor to quickly join your business to help you achieve a business objective. You have gone to market to find some potential candidates but now you need to be confident that you are engaging the best-suited contractor for your requirement. This how-to guide will help you identify and engage the right person for your business. It also includes interview template that you can download to make the process easy and straightforward.

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First impressions DON’T count when you’re interviewing candidates!

You’re waiting for your candidate to arrive, you’ve already looked through their CV and although you have a few individuals to interview today, this particular CV stands out, you think they have potential.  You have your questions at the ready. They walk in, they appear to stumble over themselves, you notice their shirt tail is hanging out and they proceed to give you a nervous handshake. You as the interviewer may look at this candidate as clumsy, scruffy and lacking in confidence and in this early negative judgement, may write them off as unworthy of your role. But, what if the candidate isn’t clumsy and has a completely different view on what happened? They may blame the floor or the new shoes they bought for the occasion to make a lasting impression, the shirt tail came out as they tripped and their adrenaline kicked in causing the shaky handshake. Should you judge that candidate based on that one act?

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