Why Are People Leaving Your Business?

As a recruitment company, we are always trying to find out the question of what it is that is driving individuals out of their current workplaces.

The answer most commonly received is “I am just looking for a new challenge..”

But this leads us to beg the question of is this the truth? Do most individuals just want a new challenge? Or are there other reasons that candidates are not disclosing for one reason or another about why they want to leave?

Once digging a little deeper, we find our candidates provide one or more of these main reasons surrounding their desire to change jobs:

  1. Micromanagement
  2. Burnout
  3. Lack of career development
  4. Relationship problems with colleagues

So, now you have the answers.. what could you and your company do to make sure you aren’t losing your top talent?  

We are leading recruiters in IT and Business change, in both permanent and contract roles- If you have intentions of leaving your current role, if you have already and you are looking for that next career move, or if you are in need of our services due to a position opening up in your team recently, we may be able to help you. 

Email us: talent@middletonsassured.com

Tel: 0113 416 6114




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