How do you ensure that the candidate you want wants to work for you?

We all want to avoid the pain, frustration and time loss of having a job offer declined by your favourite candidate. Here are two very easy approaches you can take in your recruitment process that time and time again make a big difference in attracting your ideal candidate:

1: Tell them the good, the bad and the ugly

Provide a ‘warts and all’ view of your business. Candidates are nearly always sold on the positives of coming to work for a business, and then when they get there they realise that it wasn’t quite what they signed up for. Be brave and be honest, show candidates some of the more challenging elements of your role and company and let them make up their own mind, you’ll be amazed how this approach will differentiate you from most. If the job isn’t right for them then let them walk away, but if they are set on your business, and are up for the challenges they will face, you are on to a winner.

2: Let them experience the team

Incorporate the team into the interview process. Allow the candidate to experience the individuals they will be working with. Try and make it as natural as possible including some time without you being present. Beforehand ask the team to be completely honest and to respond openly to any questions the candidate might have. Suggest that one of your team take the candidate on a tour of the office and invite them to sit in on a team meeting, this is a good way to make the candidate already feel part of your business.



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