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How You Can Hire The Best IT Contractors, Still Not Sure? Use Our Free Interview Template.

You have identified that you need an IT contractor to quickly join your business to help you achieve a business objective. You have gone to market to find some potential candidates but now you need to be confident that you are engaging the best-suited contractor for your requirement. This how-to guide will help you identify and engage the right person for your business. It also includes interview template that you can download to make the process easy and straightforward.

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Gain Board Level Respect and Influence With 4 Simple Steps [ADVICE WITH NIGEL STOTT SENIOR IT CONSULTANT]

As a senior IT leader, you like to focus on the technology that will deliver the most impact. However, if your board doesn’t take these initiatives seriously you can be left scratching your head and wondering why. Nigel Stott shares with us his four steps to achieving respect and influence with the board.

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How to Significantly Increase Engagement, Productivity and Keep Your Team Happy. [ADVICE]

Stuart Duthie is an IT leader with 13 years’ experience in senior and director level positions. As a permanent employee and then as an interim consultant, he has helped several organisations transform IT functions and achieve considerable improvements to engagement and productivity. As a qualified coach, Stuart brings a broad array of tools and approaches to his practice, enabling him to achieve these impressive results.

Today Stuart is talking through a specific recent example that resulted in a 36% increase to staff engagement within 9 months, evidenced through internal staff survey. This also had a positive impact on customer satisfaction and overall productivity.

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5 Key Job Seeking Activities That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Next Role.

Today Nick is sharing his portfolio of job seeking activities, advice that has helped many people find their ideal role. It is not rocket science and we are sure none of it will be new to you. Some of these activities involve recruitment agents, some don’t, but it is the collective effort across these different avenues that maximises the opportunity of finding the dream job. 

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Richard Copley – Head of Business Change at DWF – Turning strategy into action

An interview with Richard Copley who has gained nearly 40 years project management experience with over 20 years of this being delivering major transformational change. Over the latter part of his career he has performed a range of roles varying between building change functions and delivering programmes. He is still greatly engaged by the variety of challenge and opportunity to learn that each new programme presents but also remembers with fondness his days as a systems analyst.

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