Recruiter Responds on Making the Right Hire and Seeking the Best Talent. [Q&A]

This was an opportunity for viewers of the blog to submit some questions to a recruiter. Nick candidly answers the questions presented and shares his thoughts on what great talent is and how you identify it.

He also discusses his approach to increasing the probability of making the best possible hire as well as some pointers for candidates looking to better engage with recruiters. Watch this space for a another interlude episode in which Nick will share his portfolio of activity approach to job seeking.

Questions answered:

  • Why have you created the Leaders Path blog?

  • What do you think makes someone the most talented and how do we identify it?

  • Why are recruiters not calling me back?

  • What should we do to increase the probability of making the right hire?

  • Do you enjoy being a recruiter?

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Interlude #1 – Ask the recruiter with Nick Middleton

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