5 Key Job Seeking Activities That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Next Role.

Today Nick is sharing his portfolio of job seeking activities, advice that has helped many people find their ideal role. It is not rocket science and we are sure none of it will be new to you. Some of these activities involve recruitment agents, some don’t, but it is the collective effort across these different avenues that maximises the opportunity of finding the dream job. 


The detail:

    1. Your Network

      • Make sure your Linked In profile is up to date and looking good. Also ensure the same across other online networks (Facebook, Instagram etc).

      • Connect with new people and reengage with old contacts (colleagues, friends, acquaintances etc…). Where possible, let people know you are interested in hearing about opportunities if anything comes across their radar.

      • Don’t forget your offline network too, family, friends, etc.

    2. Recruitment Agencies

      • Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations of good agencies that specialise in your skills area and register with a handful, ideally seeing if you can meet them face to face.

      • Prepare for the meeting by having a good idea of what you are looking to do (although this is something you can explore with a good consultant) and also have a think about companies you can mention to them that you might specifically be interested in working with.

      • Be realistic about your expectations, particularly if what you are looking for next is a bit of a step away from what you are doing now. Cross skilling opportunities exist but more often than not, recruitment agents are tasked by their clients to find very specific skills and experience.

    3. Job Board

      • Choose three or four big budget/higher profile job boards in the market, either sector specific or the generic ones. Run a daily search on each and only apply to roles that look well suited to your experience. Good ones to look at are Indeed.co.uk, Jobsite.co.uk, Monster.co.uk, Reed.co.uk, jobserve.co.uk, CWJobs.co.uk (IT specific), and Totaljobs.co.uk

      • Consider whether setting up daily job alerts is the best idea for the sort of role you are looking for. Sometimes with less niche roles you can get overwhelmed with the frequency of jobs emailed to you every day and you start missing the gems amongst them. It is a trial and error process.

      • Make sure you are presenting your best aligned CV in each application you make, ensuring all the relevant experience you have is clear and prominent. We suggest a brief covering note in the application but spend more time getting your CV right than on writing a lengthy covering letter/note.

      • Follow up an application with a phone call to the agent or company. You won’t always get to speak to the right person or anyone at all but it might just put your CV to the top of the pile they are considering, particularly pertinent for jobs that will receive a high number of applications.

    4. CV Databases on Job Boards

      • Not everyone feels comfortable putting their CV on these databases but doing so can generate calls from recruiters and employers who might have the ideal role for you. That said, you may also receive calls about completely irrelevant opportunities. Again it is trial and error and you can quickly remove your CV if it is not working for you.

    5. Approach Companies Directly

      • As mentioned in the point regarding speaking to agencies, it is good for you to research companies that you might specifically be interested in working for. If an agent can’t help you make the approach try it yourself

      • Look on the companies website to see if the careers section has a speculative application process. Sometimes this may be a bit of a black hole but worth trying.

      • Try and find out who might be a hiring manager for your skills (Linked In is good for this). Then see if you can make a direct approach to them, ensuring that you are professional in all your communications.

All the best in your job search!

If anyone would like to know more about our Assured Selection recruitment service, visit www.middletonsassured.com or contact us on 0113 416 6114 or nick@middletonsassured.com.

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