Write a Great CV and Get Noticed.

Today, Nick is sharing his views on how to write a great CV, formed from reviewing hundreds of thousands of CVs over the last 15 years. We are also pleased to share our template CV to help you in the process of writing the CV.

How to write a great CV and download our CV template
  1. Update an old CV or create a new one?

    Sometimes creating a new CV is easier than adding and amending an old one. Creating a new one can also freshen your memory of past experience which will be useful in any interview process.

  2. Focus on the aim rather than CV writing rules

    The aim of presenting a CV in a job seeking situation is nearly always to gain an interview. Read your CV and ask yourself “would I interview this person based on reading this CV”? Meeting this aim is not simply about presenting relevant skills and experience to the role, it is about presenting your experience in a way that makes a hiring organisation feel you would be more valuable an employee than the other applicants. A great CV achieves this by:

    • Presenting all relevant and pertinent information in an easily digestible format
    • Creating impact by backing up your experience with quantifiable positive outcomes
    • By not having any errors!
  3. Follow a structure that makes sense

    Set out a structure or use our template CV. Make sure you present your experience in a way that flows and is easy to understand.

  4. Make sure the content is relevant and that it has impact

    Does it meet the aim? Will this CV facilitate you being invited to an interview?

  5. Review, ask others to review and amend appropriately

    Ask friends to review your CV and ask them to validate whether it achieves the key aim. Ask them to check for errors too.

  6. Review and amend your CV for every application

    For every application, make sure your experience and strengths relative to the role are best presented in your CV.

We hope this advice will help you find your dream job. The video provides a greater level of advice on each of the above points and our template CV includes detailed guidance notes.

Middletons Assured Talent is a specialist management and leadership recruitment firm in Yorkshire, helping organisations recruit permanent and interim skilled professionals. Our specialist markets include IT, business change/project management, finance, risk and business operations.

If you believe we can help you in your search for a new role, please feel free to send your CV to talent@middletonsassured.com.

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