Hello from Hannah, our new digital marketing apprentice!

Hello, I guess I should start by introducing myself, my name is Hannah, and I am the newest member of the team at Middletons Assured Talent. It is hard to know what to say when somebody says “so tell me a little bit about yourself” so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

My background is predominantly in Sociology and marketing both of which I am hugely passionate about. I studied Sociology in Sheffield, and although this is a wide area I am interested in, the niche area (if you could call it that) that I kept gaining work experience in was marketing, predominantly within the fast growing area of digital marketing.

I finished my degree a couple of years ago and I can speak for a lot of students when I say that the road out of university into employment hasn’t been an easy one.I found there is little room for students coming into the work market with a degree but with not enough experience to qualify for even a stated graduate job. Ironically looking back, maybe I could have done with Middletons or a like-minded company a little sooner!

After feeling a little defeated by the education system, I decided to change tact. I decided an apprenticeship in digital marketing would be a great way into the workplace, learning, gaining qualifications, doing something I wanted to do and gaining that precious experience that is sought after by nearly every employer looking to hire someone in this day and age.

And alas, here I am, starting my apprenticeship with Middletons Assured Talent. While I am here I am going to be getting my head stuck into the digital marketing side of the business. This will include creating exciting content on everything recruitment and anything that could be of value to our candidate and client communities. One of the things that I can already see makes Middletons different is that our desire to help others comes before our drive to generate revenue. We can learn a lot from each other by being engaged in any community and I aim to foster this approach through how we manage our content. I am looking forward to learning about the recruitment world, as it is something different that I have yet to delve into, and from what I have learnt so far, I can’t wait.

If you would like to chat to me about our content, or any way Middletons Assured Talent can help you, call me on 0113 416 6114 or e-mail me on hannah@middletonsassured.com 

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    Tony White


    Sounds, good. I meet many different and varied people throughout my day. If come across anyone I think, could benefit from your services, I’ll point them in your direction. T


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