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Welcome to Leaders Path, regular broadcasts sharing leadership journeys within the IT and business change professions. We also produce short but impactful advice videos focusing on recruitment and how to gain the best job.

At Middletons Assured Talent we spend our days helping companies recruit the best leadership talent as well as supporting IT and business change professionals on their career journeys. We are excited about sharing this content as part of our focus on helping people meet their true potential.

How Andy Maclusky Became a Global CIO. His Top Tip? Be Bold. [INTERVIEW]

With a passion for computing at the rise of early home computers and an opportunity to be exposed to a young Apple Corp in a summer job as a repair engineer of Apple 2s, he knew he was destined for a career in IT. Through making bold and more challenging choices at many points along his career, Andy has enjoyed many years at the top in global CIO roles. On today’s episode he shares his experiences and lessons learned along the way.

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