From Bedroom Business to Award Winning Managing Director. Richard Eaton From AppWare explains all [INTERVIEW]

With 30 years technology industry experience, Richard shares his leadership story which has taken him from the first software business he started at the age of 14, to the award winning Appware, a mobile and web application business he has built and led for the last 6 years.

Richard recommends:

  • Productivity – turn off any social media or other notifications from your phone to avoid the constant distractions they can cause

  • AppsEvernote for everything, Dropbox for convenient storage and sharing of files, Kindle for reading and Slack for communicating within his team and with clients

  • BooksTim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week and his blog

  • His top tips – In relation to career choices, don’t do something just because it is the well trodden path, listen to your gut when making key decisions. And, don’t be such a perfectionist, get a workable product out there and build on it.

  • Where to follow Richard – @richardjeaton on Twitter and Instagram
Episode #1 with Richard Eaton from Appware

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