Jason Stothard- Head of Ecommerse Programmes at Premier Farnell- Carving a Path in IT Before the Destination Was Clear [INTERVIEW]

Jason started life in accounting before being asked to get to grips with the first office PC. This led to a long and successful career in IT and IT leadership, forging the way forward in a time when everyone was learning what technology could do for business.

He then jumped in to the world of contracting before building his own IT services business. Now back in the corporate world, Jason can see the benefit of breadth of knowledge and experience a period as a contractor has brought to him.

Jason recommends:

  • Productivity – He is less specific about one particular tool, instead he strongly recommends letting common sense prevail and using the elements of any productivity tool that fit with your needs rather than letting the tool itself dictate the process.

  • Books – Anything by Richard Branson

  • His top tips – When you hit a wall with a challenge or you are in danger of a knee-jerk reaction, “just go and have a cup of tea”. Time away from from a problem or situation will always bring a different perspective.

Episode #5 with Jason Stothard

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