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How You Can Hire The Best IT Contractors, Still Not Sure? Use Our Free Interview Template.

You have identified that you need an IT contractor to quickly join your business to help you achieve a business objective. You have gone to market to find some potential candidates but now you need to be confident that you are engaging the best-suited contractor for your requirement. This how-to guide will help you identify and engage the right person for your business. It also includes interview template that you can download to make the process easy and straightforward.

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Steve Trapps- The Modern, Multi Faceted Technical Leader on the Ability to Converse and Why it is Critical Within the Future of Development [INTERVIEW]

Steve is someone whose taken the technical path of career progression. Over the last 20 years he has developed a broad array of strings to his bow. He is a developer, he is an architect, he is a Scrum Master, a team builder, a people leader and of late, a business director. He talks passionately about the role of communication in modern development and his deep belief that the way business and IT work together needs revolution.

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